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COC Kongressorganisation GmbH
Congress Organization Company

Mühlenstraße 58
12249 Berlin

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12214 Berlin

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At the beginning there was the idea and vision of founding a company of its own combining the organization of events and its corresponding tasks in one hand as an offer to their customers. In 1977 businessmen of the event management and the congress organization for medical further education represented by the former members of the board, Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Gotthard Schettler, Heidelberg, and Professor Dr. Wolf Dietrich Germer, Berlin, founded the COC Congress Organization Company.

Purpose of the Company

Translation of our charter No. 85 /1977

The company serves the purpose of organizing and implementing congresses, conferences and exhibitions of all kinds as well as the corresponding tasks in Berlin, the remaining federal states of Germany and other German-speaking countries abroad. Furthermore, it carries out public events independent of conferences and congresses as well as all services therefore required. The Company may establish subsidiaries in Germany and abroad. It may have a share in other companies, particularly as a complementary company.

For more than 30 years we have been fulfilling this task with passion and we look back with pride on the successful history of our company.
Travel agent Friedrich-Wilhelm Syborg marked the development of our company substantially as managing director from 1978 to his sudden death in September 2006. He and his team served their customers with commitment, persistence and enthusiasm.

As one of the oldest congress organizations of Germany, COC has organized more than 800 congresses and exhibitions in Germany and Europe. Since 1979 COC is officially established as a company taking on trainees and students doing a period of practical training and has trained more than 50 successful graduates at the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK), Berufsakademien (BA) and the Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAA).

In 2000 Bettina Kramb employed at COC Congress Organization Company since 1983 was appointed to the management. Since the beginning of 2009 she is sole managing director of COC. Well-known associations and companies have always been and are among our customers.